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Thorough MOT preparation and servicing

If you are looking for a company to carry out MOT preparation and vehicle servicing in and around High Wycombe, then Les' Autos is the team to call.

Our specialists offer a comprehensive servicing package and MOT preparation, that includes rectifying small faults, as we give your car an extensive check-in order to get it through the test.


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Our services also cover Berkshire & Buckinghamshire.

Why get your car serviced?

Safety - Having your car serviced regularly helps to identify minor issues and can prevent them from becoming major problems.


Save money - New oil and filters assist your engine in running smoother and in turn making it more fuel-efficient. Also not servicing your car increases your chance of breakdown, which can get very costly.


Maintaining vehicle value - Buyers are always expecting more for their money in the second-hand market. A car with a full-service history is in a much better place to be sold than a car that has no evidence of being serviced.

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Car servicing & MOT preparation at a location the suits you.

 Same-day repair services

Engine Belts

Servicing in High Wycombe and beyond

Keep your car running smoothly, and let us do:


  • Oil change

  • Engine servicing

  • Brake adjustments and lubrication

  • Brake & clutch repairs

  • Electrical wiring 

  • Fuel pump check 

Preparing for the MOT with Les' Autos

Let the professionals prepare your vehicle for its MOT. Our MOT preparation checks cover:

  • Brakes

  • Steering

  • Tyres

  • Seat belts

  • Exhausts

  • and more...

We come to you

Our team can come to your home, workplace, or any location that suits you.

We work on all makes and models, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of what we do. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.


Looking for a trustworthy team to take care of MOT preparation and vehicle servicing in and around High Wycombe?
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